Project Name

Web Intelligence


A. Nohara, T. Ohbe, S. Sakaguchi, A. Morozumi, S. Cho


Supporting various problems using Web intelligence

Sub Theme

Support of mountaineering plannings, The buzz word Detection, Sentiment Polarity Analysis, Accumulation of English Expressions, Support of writing research paper


Semantic Web, Web Data Structuring, Linked Open Data, XML, RDF, Text Mining, Polarity Analysis, Deep Learning, Information Recommendation, Social Media Analysis


We aim to support the effective use of un-structural and vast amount of information resources on the Web. As part of the project, we develop the system for accumulating and reusing unstructured mountaineering plan documents. The system can convert unstructured documents to structured ones. And we can use them for creating a new mountaineering plan. Also, we use the Semantic Web technology actively. Specifically, we are developing an application using structured open datasets as the DBpedia, structuring exist data with XML and RDF, and constructuring an ontology with the OWL. As a result we can develop a system using existing resources more intelligently. And we become able to create mashup applications easily using the datasets.

We implemented an origin search system trend expression with estimating its base form. There are numerous trend expressions on the Web, which often include additional meaning from their origin. Understanding the expressions in conversation is important in terms of using social networking services. Trend expressions are often used with transforming, therefore it is difficult to identify their base form.

We research how to offer users examples or phrases that is used frequently in the section in which they are going to write theses. We often examine examples or phrases in some theses to use them in our own thesis. However, It takes time. In this study, we propose the system to save user’s time for finding out examples or phrases. The system stores the examples users collect and offers some of them depending on the section in which they are going to write. Therefore, we can reduce the amount of time to examine examples or phrases.

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