Project Name

Co-Creative Work


S. Fujie, T. Matsuura


Realtime Collaborative Works, Co-creation Activity Support, Recall Past Works, Sticky, HTML5 Canvas, Research Episode Network


We aim to support solutions of familiar problems by a co-creation approach.


We develop co-creation applications using familiar devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablet devices. Our goal is to support people have a common problem to solutions of the problem.

We develop HTML5 canvas synchronization mechanisms to reduce delays of synchronization for collaborative Web applications. The delays consist of network delays and drawing delays. The network delays are well-argued topic by various researches. We focus on the drawing delays, which are a primary bottleneck of synchronization of objects on canvas. Developers can create fast Web applications using the mechanism. The mechanism enhances the potential of the Web applications running within low performance devices such as tablets and smartphones.

In the co-creation activities, stickies of paper is often used. We develop a system digitizes and manages stickies of paper on computers. The system supports co-creation activity by the following approach. First, the system digitizes stickies captured by a mobile application. Second, the digitized stickies can be moved and be clustering on a desktop application.

Users cannot resume interrupted tasks on PC when they forget the past work, such as the work environment and files. Therefore, we capture user's desktop to record and search the past work on PC. Browsing the screenshots recalls users the past work in a visual way. In addition, users can search and recall the past work based on Research Episode Networks that create relationship between the screenshots and work history.

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