Project Name

Web Usage Mining and Analysis


Hiroaki Kakimoto, Masato Nakamura, Ken Shimizu, Daiki Higashiguchi, Masayuki Nakano


Web Usage Mining, Web Usage Analysis


An Analysis of User Behavior on the Web


In recent years, web site personalization for the visitors is required. Until dynamic web page creation came into wide use, a static web page has mainly been delivered for various kinds of people. In order to decide the contents on the page, main needs of statistical data has been in use. It is required to figure out individual needs to realize an effective contents delivery with dynamic web page creation.

This project has two goals. One is to get in-depth data of usersf behavior on web pages. The other is to analyze the data to figure out a characteristic of each visitor. The detailed data our system gets includes events of mouse cursor, scroll bars, and web page transactions.

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