Project Name

A mobile and ubiquitous group


Tomotaka Tsujino , Hiroyuki Sano , Ken Shimizu , Tatuya Doi , Hiroki Ito , Shinsuke Sato


Sun SPOT , iPhone


WDevelopment of service using small device


In recent years,Many people carry the small devices such as mobile telephones. It seems that the demand for small device rises more and more. I develop the system which used iPhone and Sun SPOT.

[iPhone team]
We develop the presentation activation system. The person of attendance tells intention to a publisher with iPhone. The complicated movement may miss the consciousness of the person of attendance. Therefore we use an acceleration sensor of iPhoneD The person of attendance can transmit intention to a publisher in simple movement by using acceleration. ex:Shake iPhone

[SunSPOT team]
The position identification is difficult indoors now. The reason is because an electric wave damps by a wall and the roof of the building. Therefore we develop a position estimate system aimed for the use in the room by this project.

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