A Reactive Presentation Support System based on a Slide Object Manipulation Method
山田裕之, 白松俊, 大囿忠親, 新谷虎松


We realized a system that provides manipulations of slide objects to enable users to give a reactive presentation. The “reactive presentation” refers to a presentation that can immediately react an unexpected context change. A presenter requires applying the presentation to the unexpected context such as the state of audiences, unexpected questions and audiences’ knowledge. Attention controls by animations and effects are effective to deal with the context. Animations and effects such as movements and changes of the size and color and feature of objects on slides can control audiences’ attention and communicate non-verbal information. However, the conventional PowerPoint did not support real-time manipulations of slide objects at the presentation mode. We expected that manipulations of objects on slides such as moving, zooming and adding effects enable presenters to control audiences’ attention according to the context change reactively. In this paper, we describe methods of the implementation of manipulating slide objects system with input devices properly, and discuss examinations of personalization to enhance operability of the system.