Linked Open Dataを用いた公的目標マッチングサービスの試作
Prototyping a Public Goal Matching Service Using Linked Open Data
白松俊, 大囿忠親, 新谷虎松


We aim to develop a web service for matching citizens or organizations who have similar goals or issues in public spheres. Citizens cannot easily find anyone whose goals is similar to their ones with the conventional SNSs. Our service enables citizens to share their public goals and to find their collaborators using Linked Open Data. We presume that the hierarchies of goals and subgoals is important to share public goals and to find collaborators because a too abstract and general goal is hard to be contributed collaboratively. Moreover, inputting public people's goals by referencing news articles is also meaningful for sharing social prospects and increasing transparency. To facilitate inputting such hierarchies of public goals, the user interface needs to be as simple as possible. We present a prototype user interface for inputting hierarchical structure of public goals. Furthermore, we report an attempt to develop a prototype user interface collaboratively through a hackathon event in Tohoku region.