A Real-Time Collaborative Mechanism for Editing a Web Page and its Applications
井上良太, 加藤雄大, 合田拓史, 白松俊, 大囿忠親, 新谷虎松


We showed WFE, a real-time collaborative editing (RTCE) mechanism, in which a group of people can edit a web page on a web browser while members of the group share editing contents in real-time. In addition, we proposed applying WFE to a cloud computing environment, and we call the applied application WFE-S. The aim is to improve the system to have high scalability, elasticity, high responsiveness, and free it from maintenance. In this paper, we indicate further detailed implementation of WFE-S and Web applications using WFE-S. We showed that WFE-S enables us to make it easy to develop collaborative work systems as Web applications.