Building Web Annotation Stickies based on Bidirectional Links
佐野博之, 伊藤太樹, 大囿忠親, 新谷虎松


We propose a web annotation system which adds the func- tionality of stickies to web pages and creates bidirectional links between the stickies. The stickies allow for important parts of a web page which contains large amounts of data to be highlighted. We have implemented a positioning method based on the Document Ob ject Model (DOM), as well as a new method for placing stickies which depends on web contents related to the information referenced by the stickies. By using web agents, the system automatically generates bidirectional links between stickies referencing similar information and subsequently categorizes them. Such stickies and links can be used as user preferences, and have the potential to become a much better alternative to bookmarks and tags.