Big Blackboard : On a Large Web Page by using a Fast Page Loading Method
小長谷武志, 西健太郎, 大囿忠親, 伊藤孝行, 新谷虎松


Recently, the WWW (World Wide Web) has been attracting much attention as a predominant method of sharing information. However, when users want to provide multimedia contents, they must learn how to use authoring software or how to write HTML documents. This problem decreases usability. In this paper, we propose an information-sharing system called ``the Big Blackboard'' based on a large Web page. Any user who is unfamiliar knowledge of information technology can provide multimedia contents easily through a Web browser. In the case of sharing information on a large Web page, loading a Web page's content onto a Web browser may require users to wait a long time. We propose a novel method for reducing a transmission cost. The method loads only the content within the scope at which a user is looking in a whole Web page. The experimenal result demonstrates that our method could effectively reduce user's waiting time for loading a Web page.