Developing a Linked Data-Based Weekly Report Management System
安藤力哉, 大囿忠親, 新谷虎松


New students assigned to a laboratory learn lessons from their predecessors by referring to previous reports. Our laboratory has accumulated weekly reports over more than twenty years in our weekly report management system, however, students have difficulty with searching for valuable weekly reports from the report system. We aim to extend the existing weekly report management system to help users find valuable past weekly reports. We introduce the idea of linked data to the report management system. We designed the Weekly Report Network to represent weekly reports relevant to submissions. Moreover, we implemented a publication-based search function, a visualization function, and a compilation function on the existing weekly report system to enable reuse of the accumulated weekly reports for twenty years. First, the publication-based search func- tion enables users to find weekly reports relevant publications. The works contain a paper registration, a paper submission, a camera-ready submission, and a presentation. Second, the visualization function illustrates an overview of research activities based on weekly reports for a year. For example, the system makes a graph to show time spent on research activities described in weekly reports. Finally, the compilation function makes an annual report by concatenating and editing weekly reports for the year. This paper explains the Weekly Report Network and the implementation of the extended weekly report management system.