Adaptable Web Presentation System with Layered Canvas Synchronization Mechanism for Scalability
伊藤栄俊, 大囿忠親, 新谷虎松


Occasionally, during a presentation, the presenter and audience will discuss the subject of the presentation. The discussion may digress from the context of the slide material. However, the presenter is limited to displaying the prepared slides. Therefore, we propose Adaptable Web Presentation, that perceives the presentation state, and shows the material, slides, and content. For Adaptable Web Presentation, we develop Slide Management Mechanism, consisting of three parts: editor, con- troller, and screen. We develop Slide Management Mechanism as a web application. Further, we consider a practical use of our slideware application, and the scalability. To improve the scalability, we apply Layered Canvas Synchronization Mechanism designed for real-time web collaborative works, which is a rendering system with an HTML5 Canvas element. This paper introduces Slide Management Mechanism and evaluates the scalability with Layered Canvas Synchronization Mechanism.