An Efficient Method for Distributing Animated Slides of Web Presentations
丹羽佑輔, 白松俊, 大囿忠親, 新谷虎松


Attention control of audience is required for successful presentations, therefore giving a presentation with immediate reaction, called reactive presentation, to unexpected changes in the context given by the audience is important. Examples of functions for the reactive presentation are shape animation effects on slides and slide transition effects. Understanding the functions that realize the reactive presentation on the Web can be useful. In this work, we present an effective method for synchronizing shape animation effects on the Web, such as moving the objects and changing the size and color of the shape objects. The main idea is to make a video of animated slides, called Web Slide Media, including the page information of slides as movie chapter information for synchronization. Moreover, we explain a method to reduce the file size of the Web slide media by removing all shape animation effects and slide transition effects from a Web slide media item, called Sparse Web Slide Media. We demonstrate that the performance of the system is enough for practical use and the file size of the Sparse Web Slide Media is smaller than the file size of the Web Slide Media.