Analyzing Existing Unstructured Mountaineering Plans for Machine Readability
野原章弘, 白松俊, 大囿忠親, 新谷虎松


A mountaineering plan is a diagram or list of steps with timing and resources for climbing, and mountaineering plans are worth accumulating and sharing; however, existing mountaineering plan documents are almost unstructured. The documents are important because they are used in case of mountaineering accidents. In this study, we developed a data model of a machine-readable mountaineering plan to reuse existing mountaineering plans. A machine-readable mountaineering plan helps us to adapt an existing plan to a new one. In this paper, we analyzed existing unstructured mountaineering plan forms to find a common item set for the machine-readable mountaineering plan. We collected various existing unstructured mountaineering plan forms from different sources for the analysis. As a result, we found frequent items in the existing mountaineering plan forms and classified the items into four common parts. Moreover, we developed a mountaineering plan editing support system that can automatically import existing unstructured mountaineering plans as machine-readable ones.