Member Hiromitsu HATTORI, Tokuro MATSUO, Hirokazu TAKI, Noriharu TASHIRO, Kentaro NISHI, Yusuke HIRAOKA, Yasuto MUKAI, Takahumi YAMAYA and Toramatsu SHINTANI
KeywordMultiagent, Cooperation, Negotiation, Argmention, QR, Q&A, and Community Activity Support Systems.
Theme Infrastracture for Intelligent Softwares[Detail],
Design on Agent-based Negotiation and Reasoning [Detail]
Implementation of Community Activity Support Systems[Detail]

This research will investigate and develop techniques by which software agents can negotiate and do reasoning based on knowledge on behalf of their user in applied intelligence software. The research will also exploit and extend work in the constracting infrastracture for applications and agent-based support systems. We focus the following subjects. (1)Development of infrastracture using the OpenGL for Intelligent software. (2)Design on negotiation and reasoning model based on argumentation and Qualitative methods. (3) Constracting of Community activity support systems based on Intelligent agent.

Shintani lab. 2003