An Information Sharing Support System for Awareness about Person and Document
Takeshi Konagaya

Now, I approach and be interested in an information sharing support system for awareness. Now, on the knowledge manegement, what the people dialogue with people and have a relationship with people physically and hypothetically is very important for the process of the knowledge creation and the knowledge asset utilization. For starting communication by dialoguing and having a relationship, it is necessary for the awareness with the appearance information about members having communication and the document owned by members . Here, the document is what resolved expression the knowledge which members have. In this research, we aim giving an impulse to share the information by awareness support about the person and the document. First, we carry the awareness support about the document. This system runs the awareness support by notifying a uer of the message. But, because the superfluous awareness repulse users and users have possibilities not to be able to discover the notice which the users should discover at its heart, we consider that it defeat its own end on giving an impulse to share the information . And, content analysis can't contend with the movement of user's interest and respect as opposed to what user's interest and respect come and go day by day. And, in this research, we attend to context (context is background and appearance when we use the documents), approach the awareness support about the documents considering context. By considering context, we think that the system can consider the movement of user's interest and respect without the content of the document. Also, we produce the awareness support about person. On the awareness about person, It is important who is around me , how community has occurred ,and who and who talk . At the same time, because what achieve the knowledge sharing is not IT in itself but the knowledge communities which treat it , COP is paid attention on knowledge management at the moment. we approach to support the creation of COP by achieving the awareness about person. we aim to promotive the knowledge sharing in the community by the creation support of COP.

Shintani Lab. 2004