Project Name

Web Science Project


Robin Swezey, Kiyohiro Kudo, Kenta Kato, Michitomo Koyama, Masayuki Nakano, Ryosuke Nishida, Gen Imai, Akito Ohashi


Web Mining, Information Quality, Agents, Multi-Agent, Real-Time, Security, Scalability, Sustainable Development, Blogs, Communities, Social Network Analysis


To understand the evolving structure of the new Web, and provide cutting-edge services for users.

Affiliation and Friend Recommendation Support

The primary agents of the new Web are people, represented by their online profiles on blogs, social networks, online communities and so forth. Understanding the user has become a vital asset when trying to provide with breakthrough services on top of the Web stack. The Affiliation Support project aims at connecting users together by profiling users and detecting communities, and finding adequate and equitable affiliation opportunities for blogs and community websites.

Web Security

Various countermeasures for image crawlers and fake site duplicata can be thought of. We implement an intelligent protection system for websites suffering such attacks, which relies on push-type technology and image processing.

Green IT

We develop a system which enables to manage the consumption of energy by computers remotely. Administrators can decide when to start and stop any device within several interconnected networks.

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