Project Name

Intelligent Card


Asami, Ito, Kakimoto, Sano, Nakamura, Hirata


Cellular Phone, Flash, Authoring Tool


To construct system that makes user a flash creator for cellular phone.


As for making with Flash when it has the same template, and contents with different displayed data (for instance, coupon) are made to inspect it with the cellular phone, a high technology is requested. In our research, the construction of the system for which even people who do not have knowledge that makes Flash can easily make Flash contents is tried. This system has three working lines to make Flash contents.

At first, user makes the template. In the process of making the template, the label to store the image and the data used for the background is arranged. The template made here is used in the following process. The second is a process of the input of data to the made template, and generating it by one Flash that is called a card. The card generated here is converted into one Flash file in the third process, and can be inspected on the cellular phone.

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