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  member Tokuro Matsuo, Masaaki TANAKA, Osamu Kawamura, Manabu Matsuyama, Masaki Komatsu
  keyword Decision Support System, e-Learning, e-Commerce, e-Music Application, Qualitative Reasoning, Qualitative/Quantitative Simulation, Integrative Learning, Collaborative Learning, Learning through Activities and Investigation, e-GroupBuying, e-Auction, Artificial Intelligence, Applied Intelligence, LSDM
  purpose Our reserarch build intelligent support systems which can support users' decision-making and learning in the social work.

yAn e-Learning support system assisting users decision making in Economic Educationz
In this research, we consider a new qualitative-quantitative simulator to help buyers learn how to make decisions when they purchase goods. We propose an e-learning support system (LSDM) for assisting user decision making by applying artificial intelligence technology. When buyers purchase expensive items, they must carefully select these items from many alternatives. The learning support system provides useful information that assists consumers in purchasing goods. We employ qualitative simulations because the output simulation results are useful. Our system consists of a qualitative processing system and a quantitative calculation system. When users use the system, they first input information on the goods they want to purchase. The information input by users is used in the qualitative simulation. Next, they supply the details of their budgets, the rate of loans, and several other factors, on a form. The system then integrates the results of simulation and the user's input data and proposes plans to aid in their decision process. The system has several advantages: it can be used by simple input, the process of simulation is easy to understand, users can learn how to make decisions by trial and error, and the users can base heir decision making on synthetic results.

yiLearningFA Collaborative Learning Support System in Study and Activity through Investigation and Actual Experiencez

As the Internet develops, it is becoming an increasingly prosperous network for many types of learning. E-learning has made rapid progress and an effective form of assisting education. We propose a collaborative learning support system (CLSS) to study and investigate both in the classroom and off-campus activities. Users investigate and inspection the cultural facilities and historical sites using our system and mobile phones. We report the result of learning based on experiences and investigations using online web-based authoring support system. Current web page authoring support systems for pupils have a strong limitation it is difficult for learners to make their web pages. We propose a web-pamphlet making support system (WPASS) in which users can easily build and edit their study notes. The WPASS can provide services to edit directly web-pages via web browser, and provide service that teacher can advise to learners thorough the pages. We discuss the advantage and effectiveness of our learning support system. The system supports to make a web-pamphlet for users in experiences learning. WPASS has the following advantages; users can make and edit web-pages in real time. Users also see and write about their experiences using mobile phones. CLSS has strong advantages as follows. (1) Naive users can be experienced in the PC. (2) Users can make web-pamphlet for their activities. (3) Mentors can advise on the web-pamphlet appropriately. (4) Users can learn and discuss ethics of using mobile phones in traffic facilities. (5) Users can keep records of activities without degradation.


Shintani Lab. 2004